This was the Best Mud Run Ever!!! I would like to mention that a volunteer by the name of Ally gave the socks off her own feet to my Grandson who’s heels were bleeding to help him finish the race. Your an Angel my dear. Thank You ~ Bobbi Daly Mendel

What a great time. Had a blast. Literally stuck in the first mud hole glad Phillip and Coxy were there to pull me out. If you want a super fun time at your own pace and great volunteers running the event,go do the dash. So looking forward to next year already, cant wait. ~ Dolly Engle

Best Mudd run ever! ~ Dee Sawyer

Loads of fun even for us old dudes. ~ Allen Rader

It’s a local farm putting it on. Not one of those national theme ones. ~ Heidi Grenz Oviatt

Liked how run was slightly different from last year. Will be back again in 2017 😀 ~
Scottie Dean


The Tater Dash Mud Run is an event engineered to be a community event focused on promoting Idaho agriculture, youth connection with agriculture from boots on the ground experience, proving the merit in farmland and reversing the idea of the couch potato to potato fitness**!

The goals of The Dash are to:

A. Promote fun on a farm and fitness through a mud run to create huge hunger.
B. Bring the community to an event with a focus on Idaho’s namesake product.
C. Promote Agritourism.
D. To provide 30+ jobs to local youth, many being first time on a farm for them to experience an
atmosphere that is real.
E. To let youth and all concerned actually get their hands in the dirt to experience, feel, and
appreciate soil.
F. To end the couch potato stigma and usher in the idea of potato fitness around the country
(how about couch tomato instead?).
G. Create the new idea of tatergating before and after the run.
H. Finally, KEEP IT GREEN.

**Potato Fitness: to prove oneself has enough ability to complete a 5 mile run in the mud.