Tater Dash Course Map

The 60 OBSTACLE Mud Track!

On July 15th, 2017, Twin Oaks Farms in Eagle Idaho will be hosting an event of epic proportions. Local landscape architect Jeff Smith has constructed a 5.2 mile obstacle course on 180 acres of prime farmland featuring 60 obstacles.

As a farmer, Smith was troubled by the waste he saw at the end of his annual potato harvest and in the interest of promoting community spirit and family fun, he decided to use one of his preexisting creations, a large stepped pyramid, to build the obstacle course. The Tater Dash Mud Run promises to be an exciting event that will be remembered for years to come. Jeff is a crazy man . . . so don’t be surprised if you happen to find another dozen or so obstacles on the course come game day!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

1. Albertsons Mud Pie
2. Skid Mark Slide
3. Fudge Pit
4. Hay Wall
5. Tubing Hill
6. WW1 Trenches
7. Sage brush Climb
8. Skillet
9. Yee haw!Slide
10. Slop and Drop
11. Double Dipper
12. Deer Trail
13. Slip N Slide
14. Black hole
15. Grease Pig Alley
16. Hog Trough
17. Face Plant
18. Drop off Trench (Pig Pit)
19. Great Marsh
20. Everglades Swamp

21. Barrel of Monkeys
22. The Wall
23. Ooey Gooey
24. Battle Ridge
25. Davids Crossing (Pond)
26. Tater Taser
27. Log Jam
28. Wendalls Wallow
29. Meyers Mud Climb
30. Crater of the Moon
31. Slick Richard Slide
32. Sticky icky
33. Monkey Bars
34. Razor Edge Ridge
35. Pony Express
36. The Pit
37. Twin Peaks (1)
38. Twin Peaks (2)
39. Pit Stop
40. Salmon Run

41. Bear Trap
42. Frog Swamp
43. Fox Holes
44. The Water Fall
45. Hog Hole
46. Grave Yard
47. Cimino Mine
48. King Tater Pyramid
49. Tates Tater Pit
50. Rubicon Trail
51. Mile High Mud Pie
52. War Zone
53. Widow Maker
54. Pig Pen
55. Leap Frog
56. Strait of the Tater
57. Hallelujah Hole
58. Running of the Bulls
59. Tater Tots
60. Barney Slide